CARSUN C3106 Portable Air Pump Smart Scenario Application With Power Bank Function Exquisite and Small Dual-screen Display


【Product parameters】 Rated voltage: 7.4V Rated current: ≤8A Rated power: ≤60W Run time: ≤12L/min Cylinder specification: 16MM Air pressure output: 90PSI

【Packaging】color box


1. Accurately improved air pressure sensor and shutting off automatically at desired pressure to avoid over inflation; upgraded digital chip sensor which makes the error smaller and it stops automatically when the set value reaches. 

2. A variety of presets, with five scene presets and four air pressure units, one-key switching.

3. Upgraded backlight of all buttons, added several LEDs next to the operation buttons, and lightened screen and buttons when they are turned on, making it more convenient to operate at night.

4. Lamp panel with lighting design, upgraded 19×13.5mm lamp panel lighting, farewells small lamp bead low lumen. You can use it as an air pump and a flashlight.

5. Three lighting modes, the first long press to turn on the light (white light is always on), long press the second long press to turn on the warning light (red light strobes at low frequency ), the third long press to turn on theSOS distress light (red light SOS strobes).

6. The sink design of anti-scald inflatable port , which can reduce the probability of scald event to some extent.Because the temperature of the inflatable port can reach 120 °C when inflating.

7. Upgraded ventilation system; increase the ventilation area, which is more conducive to internal heat dissipation and makes the work more stable. 8. Emergency external charging, equipped with USB power output interface, which can be used as a temporary power bank.