CARSUN C3012 Compact Auto Charge and Stop Inflator for Vehicles


【Product parameters】 Rated voltage: 12V Rated current: ≤5A Run time: ≤20min Air pressure output: 150PSI Air flow: ≥20L/min Noise: 80db Line length: 3M

【Packaging】color box


1. The air volume is surging freely, and the air is quickly replenished in 10 seconds

2. Simple operation, turn on the power, unscrew the valve, connect and fix the preset tire pressure, complete with one key

3. No need to charge, link the power supply is ready.

4. Three digital display operation functions, accurate digital display; night vision pressure measurement / preset tire pressure / automatic charging and stopping.

5.LED lighting, strong lighting effect, high brightness, durable.

6. Unique blade cutting surface design, the appearance is more cool.