V3307 Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner



【product parameters】

Product size :405*150*120mm

Battery :2600mAh*3 PCS

Charging mode :USB Type-C

Switch: self-reset switch

Rated voltage :11.1V

Rated power :80W

Suction :5500Pa

Duration: 20mins


【Packaging】color box




1.Ergonomic design, easy to carry and operate, lightweight design makes it easy to vacuum.


2.Wireless portable, quickly clean floor, furniture and living areas on the hair, dust and debris.


3.Cleaning little helper, strong big suction, perfect vacuum cleaner, no bulky or tangled wires.


4.TYPE-C interface, with the use of charge, compatible with most electronic products on the market charging line, can also be charged in the car or at home, anytime anywhere easy charging.


5.Built-in elongated suction nozzle & brush suction nozzle to clean hard-to-reach areas, such as narrow gaps between sofa cushions; Add an extra layer of convenience for dusting.


6.Visual dust collection cover, translucent dust collection cover for viewing debris accumulation situation, timely cleaning easily empty.


7.Multistage filtration system, easy to use and clean, external filter can separate large debris, such as sand or pet hair, etc. Internal filter can remove most dust or small particles, etc. Both filters are washable and reusable, environmentally safe.