Carsun C1399 High quality mechanical air pump for 12V car digital display tire pressure pump

1. Insert the cigarette lighter plug into the DC 12V jack in the car, and then start the car. 2. Three-meter long power cord for easy connection to front and rear tires. 3. Screw the inflation nozzle onto the tire that requires ventilation. 4. Button description: R key is a unit conversion key;-key is a minus sign; + key is a plus sign key, any press-or + key to enter the preset mode. 5. If you want to set the adjustable button with default value, the default value of this pump inflation is 300PSI (+ key is on,-key is off). 6. After setting the default value, wait 3 seconds, leave the preset mode, and detect the current air pressure in real time. 7. Suction the set value upward and stop the pump automatically. 8. When re-inhaling, you need to turn off the switch and then turn it on again to start absorbing water again. 9. Car air pump, continuous working time should not exceed 8 minutes, and need to rest
Item Type: Pumps
Material Type: ABS+PP+Copper Electronic Component
Size: 20X16X6 CM
Item Weight: 0.83kg
Cigarette lighter cable length: 2.8m
Maximum Pressure: 150PSI
Type: Car Tire Inflator
Function: for Car Tire, Bicycle, RV and Other Inflatables
Auto Air Compressor: Tire Inflator 12V
Special Feature: Digital Display Screen
Item Color: Red, yellow, blue
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