CARSUN Car Air Pump Mini Auto Tyre Quick Inflation Car Air Compressor Portable Electric Air Tire Pump For Car Bicycle Moto Boat C1752



【product parameters】
Rated voltage :12V

Rated current :≤8.5A

Rated power :≤100w

Gas flow rate :≥35L/min

Output pressure :150PSI

Cylinder size :19MM

Noise :85db

Material :ABS+PP+ all copper motor

Duration: <30 minutes (normal scenario)


【Packaging】color box




1.Tap auto,set tire pressure,no need to watch,automatic stop when full.


2.Enhanced permanent magnet motor,inflate faster, with guaranteed quality.


3.Preset tire pressure,precise inflation,digital display,strong operation function.


4.Recommended tire,pressure for family cars,the air pump can be used for the following products,cars, battery cars, mountain bikes, bicycles,motorcycles,balls, lifebuoys...


5.30s quick replenishment,stop when full,strong power.


6.Upgrade chip protection,safe and not hurt the car,automatic power-off protection in case of,overload, overcharge and overdischarge.


7.Concealed trachea,tight and not leaking,spiral air pipe is easy to leak during connection,concealed buckle type trachea, convenient and fast.


8.Nylon wear-resistant material ,prepara tion of inflation tube,freeze proof without breaking,,explosion-proof and high temperature resistant.


9.Anti-slip cushioning design,effective shock absorption and antiskid during inflation.


10.Paint finish design,smooth surface and feel.