Car Air Compressor Electric Tyre Inflator Pump With LED Lamp For Motorcycle Bicycle Tire Portable Inflatable Pump Air Pump T2250 (2600mAh)



【product parameters】
Battery: 2600mAh*3

Charging time: 3-4H

Working life 500 cycles

Rated voltage: 11V

Rated current 8A

Rated power: 90W.

Cylinder size: 25mm

Duration: ≤20 minutes

Working noise: distance 1 meter ≤80dB

Charging port: Type-C/DC 12V

3 lighting modes, 5 buttons


【Packaging】color box




1.Five different modes are designed for different inflatables,customize,ball,bike,motorcycle,car.


2.Strong power break inflatable cognition,high-performance movement and equipped with high-power motor,zero tire pressure and full air 5 minutes 03 seconds.


3.Wireless is more convenient,three lithium batteries, no need for external power supply,free to inflate.


4.Rope and cordless dual mode,two kinds of inflation methods can fully cope with the normal use of the machine when there is no electricity.


5.Multimode lighting,bringyour ownled lights withthree lightingmodes to dealwith emergencieseasily.


6.Steps for usage,simple operation, time and labor saving.(1)1. Assemble the air tube and connect the tire.(2)long press open key to power on.(3)click the conversion key to select the