Tire Inflator Vacuum Cleaner Dual-Use Car Portable Air Compressor Pump Air Compressor For Car Cleaning 12 Volt Car Compressor 4 in 1 car air pump C1859-1



【product parameters】
Line length Indicates the line length: 3M

Rated Voltage Rated voltage: 12V

Rated Current Rated current :≤8A

Rated power: ≤100W

Gas Flow: ≥35L/min

Output pressure: 150PSI

Cylinder size: 22MM

Rotational speed :35000R/min

Noise :80 decibels

Suction: 6000Pa

Duration: 30 minutes


【Packaging】color box




1.6000pa large suction,vacuum negative pressure does not block the suction port.


2.100w high power motor,strong suction,the suction is durable and does not heat up, effectively and quickly absorbs stubborn dust.


3.Washable filter hypa,most dust mites and other pollutants can be filtered, hypa can be removed and washed with water.


4.30s quick gas replenishment,stop when full,strong power to quickly increase the speed of air supplementation, so that air supplementation enters the era of speed-up.


5.Intelligent digital display,set the required tire pressure by yourself,detect the tire pressure of your car at any time, prevent wear and run flat tires.


6.Self-contained lighting,auxiliary night operation,led high light source system, convenient for emergency cheer at night.


7.Rear interface,multifunctional interface display.